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The “classic Boero”

Il Boero:
Classic Cherry

The first and inimitable Boero, fruit of Witor’s creativity in the art of chocolate since the late 50s. Still surprising today with its strong and enveloping flavour.
Alongside continuous research to improve the product and its ingredients, the classic recipe remains the same: extra dark chocolate praline, with a minimum of 45% cocoa, envelops a whole pitted cherry drenched in liqueur.
An accomplished balance of flavours that makes this small chocolate gem so unique and special.

A really
sweet story

The classic cherry Boero is one of the very first products that Witor’s ever created.
Roberto Bonetti, the founder, was inspired by the «graffioni», typical pralines from the Cremona area with delicious liqueur and a whole cherry inside: he decided that this goodness should be shared with more people, so he started production in Cremona in a small laboratory that today has turned into modern Witor’s.

If we lined up all the cherry Boeros produced by Witor’s in 2019 alone we would arrive at a length of about 1900 km, almost 1.5 times the length of Italy!

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Our mission is to share our passion for chocolate, offering consumers of all ages innovative and high quality products, suitable for everyday consumption.
Witor’s was founded in 1959 by Roberto Bonetti, who opened the first chocolate atelier in the city of Cremona, Italy.

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