For Witor’s the joy of chocolate also means helping to contribute to living in a better world. Witor’s in fact purchases UTZ certified cocoa, thus supporting sustainable cocoa cultivation, from a social and environmental point of view.

The word “UTZ” has Mayan origins and means “good”. UTZ is a certification programme and a branding that favours sustainable cultivation of cocoa, tea and coffee. The programme in fact promotes sustainable methods of cultivation and greater opportunities for farmers, their families and the planet.

The UTZ programme allows farmers to learn more efficient methods of cultivation, to improve their working conditions and to take greater care of their own families and the environment.


By means of the UTZ programme, the farmers obtain better harvests, they generate more income which allows them to build a future for themselves and for their own families, at the same time protecting the environment and natural resources.

For more information see, www.utzcertified.org

Better for you and for the planet

By purchasing UTZ certified cocoa, Witor’s supports sustainable cocoa growing, because through the UTZ programme, the farmers learn to grow better quality cocoa, with more care for humanity and the environment. And all this tastes better, for you and for the planet.