The History

Witor's logo vintage

Witor’s mission has always been that of sharing their passion for chocolate with their own consumers, offering quality and innovative products for all tastes and perfect for everyday consumption.
Witor’s was founded in 1959 by Roberto Bonetti, who opened his first chocolate workshop in Cremona.

Amongst the first creations was “Boero”, a clever marriage of extra dark chocolate liqueur and cherry. This praline gained immediate success in the 60’s and 70’s: the product obtained great popularity and was distributed throughout Italy; something that was truly unique for products of that type and at that time; every bar in Italy had on its counter the famous “alberobello” display with the Boero wrapped in red paper, with the famous game in which you could win one every time you bought one.

Boero vintage

Witor’s has moved on a great deal since then and its products are offered all over the chocolate world with winning and innovative solutions, in order to face up to the reality of an ever-changing market: from pralines (a market in which Witor’s is an undisputed key-player) to bars, snacks and biscuits, now distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide, with an annual production capacity of over 36,000 tons. It has however kept its tradition intact and still pays great attention to the quality of its products, together with typical Italian imagination and flair.



Brands Portfolio


Competitive advantage

Solid Technical knowledge
over 50 years in different product technologies.

High production capacity
over 36,000 tons available annual production capacity.

High quality products
Consumers in over 70 countries proves the high level of quality of Witor’s products.

Strong innovation
in packaging solutions.

Production Technology

Witor’s is the third largest producer in Italy, by volume, with consolidated leadership in the praline and chocolate egg markets.

Production capacity

2 production sites
18 production lines
30 types of packaging
10 production technologies
6 product types
18,000 tons of chocolate worked every year
Good produuction flexibility
High level of customer service
Total capacity: 36,000 tons /year
Integrated management of production and applied economy of scale
Integrated economies of scale
High level of know how




Witor’s develops its range in 2 production sites, in Cremona and Gorizia, with an annual production capacity of 36,000 tons, distributed across 18 production lines.




Warehouses in Italy
 9000 m2
 8000 pallet spaces
 Own trucks.