One of the key factors in our success is the great attention to detail we pay to our products and the pursuit of uncompromising quality, starting from our careful and rigorous selection of suppliers and the highest quality raw materials, our constant monitoring of production processes, our care of finished products and our constant quality assurance.

Our production facilities are certified for food safety to ISO 9001, BRC Food and IFS Food standards.

Since 2017, we have been certified Halal, allowing us to meet the most stringent requirements set by Muslim countries. We also certify some of our products as Kosher.

Company Certifications

  • certificazione iso witors
  • certificazione brc food witor's
  • certificazione ifs witor's

Product Certifications

  • certificazione bio witor's
  • certificazione halal witor's
  • certificazione usda organic witor's
certificazioni aziendali witor's